Mattress Benefits

  • The layers of the mattress have been carefully selected to fit the weight of the body and give it equal support for all areas, especially the spine
  • Medium pressure mattress suitable for medium weights (between 75 to 120 kg) with high quality hotel specifications
  • Containing the mattress on a layer of pocket spring (separate spring technology) that gives the body complete balance and prevents vibration and being affected by the movement of the partner
  • The presence of a layer of microfiber helps to balance body temperature while sleeping
  • The mattress contains layers of high-density foam for double spine support
  • The mattress contains a layer of medium-density foam that gives you support for the comfort of the spine
  • It contains a layer of insulating felt to isolate the hard parts from the soft parts, which extends the life of the mattress
  • The side supports added to the mattress give it stability and rigidity
  • The outer fabric is comfortable and prevents the formation of bacteria and sweating of the body


Mattress Size

Hight 35 cm

Ready-made sizes are 200 x 200 cm and 200 x 180 cm


Care Instructions

  • The direction of the mattress should be changed at least every 3 months
  • It is recommended to use mattress insulator to protect it from stains and wetness
  • Do not bend the mattress to avoid breaking the internal parts


Made in China


200×180, 200×200


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SL1531 Mattress (10 Year Warra...

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