product specification

  • A comfortable and relaxing chair that is adjustable and extendable to three sitting positions, Ranging from mild sitting to stretching
  • You can control the incline of the back and the height of the footrest depending on the sitting position
  • It is specially designed for your comfort while sitting, as it is padded with a soft, supportive filling for the comfort of the neck and back, It also has a soft foam padding
  • It helps you to sit in a healthy and proper manner by relieving pressure on the back vertebrae
  • It works on the flow of blood circulation and helps to relax
  • The armrest is equipped with a cup holder
  • You can choose the material (fabric/leather) and color as you like


trade mark

Back Rest

movement mechanism

You can choose the right chair movement mechanism for you

Fixed, Vibrator or rotating vibrator

chair sizes

height 102 cm, Width 87 cm

length 77 cm, The chair span is 163 cm


High Quality Saudi Made

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Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Red

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Leisure Chair A-AB08 (3 years warranty on the machine) Leisure Chair A-AB08 (3 years ...

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